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K-9 Hose Clamp K-9 Hose Clamp

Our Price: $4.95
Sale Price: $2.95
You save $2.00!
K-9 Intake Air Filter K-9 Intake Air Filter

Our Price: $7.95
K-9 Hi-Lo Toggle Switch, K9 I & K9 II K-9 On-Off Switch, fits K9 I, K9 II, K9 III (older models)

Replacement On & Off switch for K9 I, K9 II, and K9 III dryers. This part is compatible with older model K9 dryers that use screws for their switches. For newer models please look for KA104SL which just plugs into the slot.

❗PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PICK THE RIGHT PART ❗ Older K9 dryers use screws, Newer K9 Dryers use the switch on the right (KA104SL) (see picture 2) This part uses Screws.

Our Price: $12.95
K-9 Cage Hanger K-9 Cage Hanger

Our Price: $18.95
K-9 Y Adapter K-9 Y Adapter

Our Price: $19.95
K-9 Wall mount bracket K-9 Wall mount bracket

Our Price: $19.95
K-9 Dryer Hose - 10' K-9 Dryer Hose - 10'

Our Price: $69.95
K-9 Variable Speed Switch and Circuit Board K-9 Variable Speed Switch and Circuit Board

K-9 Variable Speed Switch and Circuit Board

K-9 Variable Speed Switch and Circuit Board-

Must be changed together! For all K9 Variable Speed Dryers.

Our Price: $69.95
K-9 Hose - 15' K-9 Hose - 15'

Our Price: $99.95
K-9 Fluffer Dryer Black Variable Speed K-9 Fluffer Dryer Variable Speed

Fluffer Variable Speed Dryers adjust to dry from 0 to 120 CFM for the
ultimate in pet drying versatility

Our Price: $379.95
K9-II Dryer Blue 2 Speed K9-II Dryer 2 Speed

Portable & lightweight, the most popular K-9 Blower on the market!

Our Price: $507.95
K9-III Dryer 2 Speed K9-III Dryer 2 Speed

Portable & lightweight yet heavy-duty. Ideal for heavy-coated animals.

Our Price: $579.95
K9-II Variable Speed Dryer (Blue) K9-II Variable Speed Dryer

With two large motors designed to work independently and in unison.

Our Price: $595.95
K9-III Variable Speed Dryer (Blue) K9-III Variable Speed Dryer

Choose this powerful and versatile variable speed pet dryer to make grooming your dog a breeze.

Our Price: $655.95